Friday, November 11, 2016

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Most of the people do not know that we have immense power within us which can manifest our desires or dreams. We can create our own destiny and lead the life of our dreams. However, people are unaware of the power within themselves and do not know how to use this power in order to fulfil their dreams. So, I am going to explain to you the important points to consider to manifest the dreams.

The first and most important point is DESIRE. One should have burning desire in order to achieve whatever you want in life. If you just have a wish with no intensity or less intensity of wanting to have it, you will not be able to achieve it. So, your desire should be intense, you must have a burning desire.

In addition to that FAITH is another important point to be considered. You must have total faith that yes, you will get whatever you want in life. If you believe, you will achieve for sure. Then only your desire will manifest into reality. If there is any doubt in mind and you may think that ‘Maybe, I will get what I want’, then your desires will not be manifested. So, you must have total faith and think that you have already achieved it in reality.

I have already mentioned earlier that we have immense power within us. Our mind is very powerful. We have two types of mind, the conscious and the subconscious mind. Mostly people do not know about it. The conscious mind is the logical mind through which we can think and give reasoning. On the other hand, subconscious mind is the illogical mind which cannot give reasons. Whatever you feed in your subconscious mind, it starts executing it and thus these thoughts are manifested into reality. So, it is our choice, we can feed positive or negative thoughts. Positive thoughts will lead to creativity whereas negative thoughts will lead to destruction.

So, HABIT is another factor which should be taken into consideration. You should develop the habit of thinking positive thoughts.  Try to develop positive attitude. Initially you should be cautious. Whenever any negative thoughts arise in mind, immediately convert it into positive thoughts. Slowly and gradually you will develop positive attitude and you will think and speak positive things.

So, you can create your own destiny by feeding positive thoughts in your subconscious mind. However you need to activate your subconscious mind in order to work for you. You must take proper guidance to activate your subconscious mind, otherwise you will not get the desired results.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


All of us dream to have a wonderful life.

An easy going life without any hurdles or obstacles.

Some wants to be rich, others want to have a perfect health and there are many who wants to have harmonious relationships.

What if I say, You Can Lead The Life You Always Wanted?