Thursday, March 25, 2010

Treasure Your Relationship

Relationships are very important in our lives rather than wealth. One must understand the worth of good reltionship and work towards it to make it much better day by day. Normally what we have seen is, people are very polite and courteous to someone but when the back is turned, they become very critical and resentful towards them. This is very negative and very destructive. They don't realise that this act is harming to them only. These negative thoughts causes all sorts of difficulties in their lives.
You must think about someone the way you want them to think about you, feel about the person the way you want him to feel about you, act towards him the way you want him to act towards you. For happy relationships, you need not to be judgemental. See God in everyone and accept the other person the way they are. This will bring peace in your life. Things don't change, you change your way of looking at them. So, treasure your relationships.