Saturday, October 10, 2009


Some people say that I believe in God and others say that they are God fearing. I recently met someone who told me that, "Whenever I pray to God, whatever I wish, it materialises 100%." He is not aware that he keeps a very positive attitude towards his ambition and goal. Thats why whatever his desire is, it manifests. He completely trust God. But it is not due to God but the belief system which works. We have developed the habit of using an object to believe things. We take medicines to cure our diseases. We believe that by taking medicines, our disease will be cured. Here again medicine is working as an object to believe, but it is due to your belief system that you are cured. So, try to start believing in yourself. It is just due to your belief system things  work. There is no need of any object to believe. So understand your inner strength and start enhancing it. You will find that you yourself are very powerful. You can materialise whatever you want and fulfill all your desires.

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