Saturday, October 17, 2009


There is lot for everyone in the Universe. You need to ask for it with total belief. As you place order in any restaurant and you know that you will receive what you have ordered and you will eat them. In the same way, whatever you want in life just ask them. Be specific about what you want in life. Be very positive about it. Don't let negative thoughts enter in your mind. Just reject negative thoughts and welcome positive thougths. If you want money in your life and you are lacking it, then you are blocking money from coming to you with your negative thoughts.Each and every negative thought, feeling or emotions block good things coming to you. There is surplus for everyone. Whtaever amount of money you want, already exists in the Universe but it is invisible. You just have to ask them with total belief, it will come to you or you can say, a way will be made to achieve whatever you want. So, think of abundance all the time and you will live in abundance.
HAPPY DEEPAWALI !  May this Diwali brings lot of abundance and prosperity in your life.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Some people say that I believe in God and others say that they are God fearing. I recently met someone who told me that, "Whenever I pray to God, whatever I wish, it materialises 100%." He is not aware that he keeps a very positive attitude towards his ambition and goal. Thats why whatever his desire is, it manifests. He completely trust God. But it is not due to God but the belief system which works. We have developed the habit of using an object to believe things. We take medicines to cure our diseases. We believe that by taking medicines, our disease will be cured. Here again medicine is working as an object to believe, but it is due to your belief system that you are cured. So, try to start believing in yourself. It is just due to your belief system things  work. There is no need of any object to believe. So understand your inner strength and start enhancing it. You will find that you yourself are very powerful. You can materialise whatever you want and fulfill all your desires.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Attitude Of Gratitude

Be grateful for what you already have and you will attract more good things in your life. I've heard people complainting that they don't have many dresses inspite of having so many, they don't have luxury cars or they don't have luxury bungalow or they don't have surplus money etc. etc. They are always complainting and they feel jealous with those who are wealthy. Instead of rejoicing what they have, they keep on complainting and complainting. They are not aware that by continously complainting, they are attracting lack in their life. If we are always thankful for what we have and always in a attitude of gratitude and if we feel happy for others being wealthy, we are attracting all good things multiplied in our life. We will have surplus. So, when you wake up in the morning, just say 'Thankyou' again and again, while getting ready and feel very good for whatever you posses. You will find that you are attracting all good things in your life and there will be no such word as "lack" in your life. Giving thanks in advance turbo charges your desire and your desire materialises. So, always be in a state of "Attitude Of Gratitude".